Millions of hungry deprived, exploited and helpless suffering from illness, without education, culture and sanskar, people are our mentor. We are fortunate to have a golden opportunity to serve them.
Swami Vivekananda


The Hindu society is torn into shreds and hence being exploited due to its various innate differences like Casteism, Varnabhed (differences of Varna), parochialism etc. The minds of the so-called high born, elitist people in the Hindu Dharma are filled with extreme disdain and neglect for the down-trodden and Vanavasi segments of our society, who are literally in crores. The feeling of untouchability is so rampant that these Dalits are not allowed even to draw water from the wells and take a bath in the lakes or tanks. Temple entry was totally banned. This segment of society became an easy prey for the many social evils due to poverty and illiteracy. As a result, these Vanavasis, Girivasis and backward classes Eking shanties began to consider themselves as separate from the rest of our society. If an enormously large chunk of any society, literally in crores, remains illiterate, backward and exploited for centuries together, then it is futile to expect the progress of such a nation. Ta ...

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Our Aim

Our vision is to reconstruct self-reliance, dynamic, vibrant Hindu Nation having material advancement reconciled with spiritual elevation.We wish to proactively mobilize all social & state resources material and human so that Vanvasi, Girivasi who numbered in crores in Bharat are given opportunity to cultivate their talents. They should be able to enjoy the fruits of development. They would be integrated, socially and culturally harmonized with the main stream of national life. Thus they would go in for the highest pinnacle of national glory on the strength of our vast resources having ability, integrity and patriotism. We have man power of more than 10 millions but the population is so grossly divided into small fraction due to feelings of castism, linguistic, provincialism,. Bharat has no place amongst would nations. It is still a developing country loaded with debt from all sorts of countries. Because of disunity, we have been not able to progress in spite of large population, ...

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